HG GBF Basalt Fiber Co., LTD. is a company specialized in the production and development of continuous basalt fiber.

This high-tech enterprise is based in Zhejiang, China. GBF belongs to Hengdian Group and since 2008 Hengdian IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. has given international marketing support.

HG GBF is nowadays one of the world leader of continuous basalt fiber with a production of more than 5,000Mt per year and in constant capacity enlargement to meet our global customers needs.

HG GBF produces roving, yarn, panels, bars etc. starting from basalt as 100% natural raw material without any additives.

HG GBF is proud to be ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified and its OHSAS system conforms with GB/T28001-2001.


HG GBF is cooperating now with the most important universities and world-wide R&D centers. In 2010 HG GBF undersigned a collaboration agreement with ENEA (Italian National Agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development) to promote the use of the Basalt Fiber in scientific and technology applications. HG GBF takes care of the environmental protection, focuses on the innovation and cooperates with the global friends to build the brighter future.




Hengdian Group Holdings Ltd. management made the decision in 2006 to establish their own European subsidiary named HG EUROPE S.r.l. based in Milan.
Main function of HG Europe s.r.l., is to support Hengdian Group companies in their marketing activities in Europe with their European key customers.



Contacts: Hg Europe s.r.l., a company of Hengdian Group - www.hg-europe.com - info@hg-europe.com
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